Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Fourteenth

Hi Valentine! 

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I hope you're enjoying your day with all of your loved ones! I spent my day touring downtown & enjoying taking pictures while the sun was shining bright today! 
If you don't follow me on Instagram {which you totally should be ;) @agirlnamedlatisha} you may not have heard my announcement on my story yesterday! Guys! I'm totally excited because I finally found someone who's shares as much enthusiasm as I do about taking Instagram/ blog photos! We've been having so much fun lately spending our time in the sun finding different opportunities to take photos! His name is Nathaniel Wardwell; we actually just officially launched his Instagram yesterday {you should totally give him a follow and check him out @nathaniel.wardwell}. He is such a sweetheart & I know you guys are going to totally love him & his style! 

In the name of Valentine's Day, I wanted to share 14 things that I love.

1. Listening to {really} loud music in the car while driving to no place on particular. Heck, even when I have a destination, if I'm by myself, you can probably bet that my music is up as loud as I can bare it & I'm singing along!

2. Starting my mornings with motivational podcasts. I would love to do an entire blog post dedicated to sharing my top favorites, what do you think?

3. Waking up to the sunrise shining through my bedroom window {the best part of my day hands down}!

4. Sheet masks, all the way! I've totally been a sucker for skincare products recently!

5. Sewing! If I have downtime, you can definitely find me sitting at my sewing machine creating a new piece of clothing! I get so, so excited when I finish a new project!

6. Red sneakers; I've totally been living in these since the snow has been clearing up a bit.

7. Handwritten letters found in my mail box, I love stationary & taking the time to personally write a letter to friends & family, it's so relaxing & it totally puts a smile on my face to get a letter in return!

8. Connecting with other bloggers! I love the blogging community, everyone is always so friendly & encouraging, it makes my day when I get to have a genuine conversation with another blogger about the things we are passionate about!

9. Exploring, traveling, experiencing new places & ideas!

10. Lately, I've really been enjoying my time working out. Who would have guessed?

11. Creating, anything really!

12. The smell of the crisp air as the winter transitions into spring.

13. Phone calls with my family, even if it's just for a few minutes!

14. YOU! For reading, for supporting, & for your encouragement. It completely makes my day when I get to read each comment or idea! I genuinely get so, so excited! You are all so amazing! Thank you for continually inspiring me!

How did you all spend your Valentine's Day? Did you spend it with the girls or on a romantic night out? I  hope your Valentine's Day was  filled with lots of love, whether that be shared with a partner or with friends & family! May your week be filled with the simple joys of life. 

Until next time! 



  1. I just loved this one! Excited to see what's to come.
    Happy Valentine's Day
    Semi Anonymous

  2. Cute photos! I love singing and dancing while driving. haha. I made roasted potatoes , steak and asparagus and we watched Moonlight on Amazon. Haha. Just spend the evening with my Love doing what we love to do.

  3. This is a great list! I'm totally with on listing to my music super loud when driving, when the kids are not in the care of course. 😂 I spent my Valentine's day at home with my family eating pizza and it was great!

  4. Such a great post, love the heart balloons.

  5. How cute! The balloons are such a fun touch!

  6. So fun getting to know more about you! My husband and I went out on Saturday and had a nice dinner with our church family on Tuesday! I hope you had a wonderful day!!

  7. You're so cute! And major bump to blasting loud music!