Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday Edit, Because Mondays #6

You probably may be thinking, 'I thought these were Monday Edit posts, you know,
posted on well, a Monday?' Well, in case you didn't catch my Instagram story, long story short, work.
So today's Tuesday edit post is brought to you by the very well known case of the Mondays. 

the lineup

First things, first. I am so very excited to be sharing with you all that Nathaniel and I are moving to San Diego, CA! Trust me, I know, I had to rewrite that a few times myself! It's such a big step in our relationship and for our career paths, but I am super excited to see where this new adventure takes us and I'm so very grateful to be spending it with my favorite adventure partner! Sometimes you just have to take life by the horns, you know? We will be starting our road trip to our new home August 5th. We just set the date this week; It's starting to feel like it's all coming together slowly, but surely! It'll be here before we know it! This big move kind of set the pace for the whole week, I did a lot of packing, sorting and donating this week. Since we are quickly approaching our moving date there is a lot to be done and I'm attempting to be as efficient as possible! 

I would love to share with you all the details on the big move in a future blog post, and of course I would love to answer any questions or hear from you all on your favorite locations in the San Diego area. I'm really looking forward to what this new opportunity brings for us as individuals and as a couple! 

what's been on replay

Last Monday right after posting my edit for the week, we actually had just finished The Series of Unfortunate Events. We've decided we are really bad at watching shows that only have one season in it so all suggestions on new shows on Netflix that have more than one season would be greatly appreciated! ;)

Besides TV, this week of course with all of the moving and sorting going on I've been listening to a ton of music on my Spotify account. One playlist that I have absolutely been loving is the Sunny playlist. I love my alternative and indie music and this playlist just kind of does it for me! It's the perfect blend of everything I could love in music.

what I've been loving

You guys, I'm really obsessed with kitty ear headbands for getting ready. So basic, I know. I have some pink ones that I picked up from Target forever ago, they're just really handy and I kind of love them! 

what's on the menu

Since Nathaniel started work again, I've been bringing him lunch when our schedules seem to align. I feel like we've kinda made up for last week and with not getting creative with our meals. We've had taco salads, black beans and rice (which was a childhood favorite of mine, super easy and quick, thanks mom), and we also made this super yummy recipe of southwest tortellini pasta
we found on Pinterest! That one is definitely a must try, it was so good! Of course we had our fill of acai bowls from our local smoothie shop too, it's a must! It wouldn't be a life of Nathaniel and Latisha if we didn't eat acai bowls weekly!


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  1. Omg congrats on your exciting move, can't wait to see more of it!