Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015 Back to School Fashion Show

My love for the hair industry only continues to grow as I get more involved with my schooling and outside activities to further my education and experience. My biggest dream and passion is to create beautiful hair art for runway and fashion shows, and last week, I was given the opportunity to get a little taste of this lifestyle and career. Let me start out by saying that by participating in this little event, only makes me crave this lifestyle more and more! I am genuinely looking forward to more of the excitement and the upbeat tempo. 

Sears, JCPenny, and Macy's, the sponsors of our show, gathered the most adorable outfits fit for any occasion for a wide variety of kids for back to school.

"Western" hair and makeup created by yours truly. 

"Sporty, rocker, chic" look created my yours truly. 

I already can not wait until I can experience another opportunity like this again! The upbeat pace, the colorful makeup, the brilliant updos, all in which I want to be apart of after my little journey through cosmetology school. Wish me luck! 

"Dreams do come true"-Jacyln Hill

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