Friday, October 16, 2015

Hang Out With Me: A Week In My Beauty School Life

I'm so sorry for the missed posts for the last couple weeks!! I'm not quite sure what happened but on my end of things, my posts said they were getting posted but I just realized that none of them got posted for the last two weeks! So here is another try at reuploading these posts! I hope you all enjoy!

This last week was quite the week of activities for me. I was pretty booked all week with haircuts, perms, updos, and makeup, almost anything you could think of. I thought I would share with you some pictures from throughout the week.
Last week I tried a new balayaging technique and the results were quite beautiful! Subtle, yet breathtaking! 
A few of my makeup looks throughout the week. Check out more on my Instagram @agirlnamedlatisha! 
A very successful perm was accomplished last Wednesday! This lady was so inspiring and it was a pleasure getting to know her and hear her story. 
Bridal party bridesmaid hair 
St. Vincent's 3rd Annual Fashion Show was a total success!! All the models were so sweet and we all had a lot of fun doing hair and makeup! 

This last photo was definitely a favorite for this week. I had so much fun dressing up this gorgeous gal for her work event/dinner, the results were glamorous and she felt so great walking out of the salon. 

All in all last week was very eventful. What did your week consist of? 
I hope you beauties had a fabulous week and and I hope this upcoming one is twice as great!! 
Stay gorgeous! 

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