Thursday, August 11, 2016

Life's Adventures: Seattle

Hi Friends!

Seattle. Who knew that such a city could make this girl's heart beat twice as fast as it does right now. That feeling you get thinking about your secret crush, well that's pretty much the same way my heart beats when I am in Seattle. The creative and desirable town is definitely one that captures my heart every time! All of the lovely greenery, the interesting & captivating people, & of course the massive buildings tall enough to make your neck cramp from looking up so much is enticing to such a small Montana girl.

Over the last week, I spent most of my mornings silent in coffee shops, drowning myself in happiness and secretly listening to marketing people speaking of how they were looking to expand their fashion business. Of course, me being Latisha, I was completely overwhelmed with giddiness and a sense of being intrigued. I was so happy to be among people who I completely understood, talking about the city life and the fashion world! Seattle's citizens were my kind of people, I could forever immerse myself in a lifestyle such as theirs!

On the days, that I wasn't freelancing, I was out painting the town, experiencing everything the city people were doing and trying out all of the marvelous food they had recommended to me! I could have literally walked for hours enjoying all of the scenery and taking it all in! There was so much to do, so much to see, & sadly, little time to do it all. For the last year I've lived my life to the saying, Carpe Diem, seize the day! I'm the type of girl to want to cram as much of everything there is to see & do into the little time that I have.

I found myself meandering towards Heather Lake, one of the hiking trails in the area. The area was lush with greenery from all of the moisture I'm sure the residents know well. Also along the trails the prettiest pink, spotted bell flowers were randomly scattered throughout the area. I enjoyed exploring the hiking scene & familiarizing myself with the peaceful trails, much like one you would see in a fairy tale book! If only the camera could capture the beauty of this stunning trail!

Adventures also included navigating my way towards Volunteer Park where I found the "Black Sun", a masterpiece created in 1969 by artist Isamu Noguchi. The dimensional sculpture itself was beautiful, I find it so intriguing to be surrounded by such an artistic community. The placement of this artistic figure was so strategically placed, looking through the center, the famous Space Needle can be spotted. It's intricate details like this that make art that much more fascinating!

I also found my way towards Montlake, where kids could be found preparing for a baseball tournament and people soaking up the sun while indulged in a good book. The lake itself was covered in lily pads and curious ducks that would walk right up to you if you held still long enough. The scenery was beautiful and just far enough away from the main roads that you could enjoy some piece and quiet. Throughout the park, I also stumbled upon a little walking trail, completely hidden away from the rest of the public, a great opportunity to take pictures of the surrounding beauty!

Surprisingly enough, throughout my time there, the weather was mainly warm followed with a sunny sky. I enjoyed relaxing outside, basking in the sun, it's probably the most time outside I've spent outside since the summer has started since I've been so caught up with work and my schooling; you can imagine that I took every opportunity that I could to be outside!

I'm definitely looking forward to a part two to my adventuring in Seattle! There is so much more that I would have loved to see and do, but until next time, my heart waits! Where have you found yourself a visit to (or craving to go) in the last few months? Are there any places that hold a special place in your heart?

Until next time my loves!


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