Thursday, September 8, 2016

Swatched: L.A.Colors Pout Lipgloss Matte

Hello, hello! 

Friends! It has been too long, too long! I have been back in my little Montana town for the last week & I couldn't have enjoyed stepping outside of my daily routine any less! It seems that whenever I step outside of my little town that I call home I have sudden bursts of creativity & excitement (as you could probably tell from my last blog post: my trip to Seattle, WA). It definitely gets me going with fresh ideas for new content & creative moves; this past week I can hear my paint brushes calling my name! You can probably guess what I'll be doing as soon as I get back home! 

I found what I thought to be the most exciting find ever when I found myself in Helena, MT at the local Dollar Tree. Of course, me being Latisha, as soon as I step foot into any store, my legs seem to navigate their way towards the makeup isle. It seems like our Dollar Tree always has the best finds from popular name brand cosmetic lines, Essie Nail Adhesive Stickers, Wet N' Wild makeup brushes, and even Milani Eyeshadows! This trip, I was super excited to find an entire display of L.A. Color Cosmetics including Matte lipsticks, new eyeshadow palettes, mini gel-like nail polishes and the stand out product for me, the Pout Lipgloss Mattes! Now, I know what you're thinking, how can you even put lipgloss and matte in the same name? Lipglosses are known for their sticky and glossy texture. Well, let me tell you, I was thinking the same thing when I read the name of the glosses! How intriguing right? Of course into the basket they go, with high hopes that I'll be lucky enough to share a new hidden gem in the cosmetic industry. 

First thing I do when I walk outside the doors of the store? Tear off the label and swatch the product on the back of my hand of course! I'm a makeup junkie, I don't wait for those kinda things! Right off the bat, the product was super opaque and about took my breathe away! I was so excited to find such a product for such an AFFORDABLE price; $1?! You're certainly not breaking the bank with these matte glosses! One after the other, I swatch them perfectly in a row on the back of my palette for a hand: after every swatch I'm sure I ohh'd and ahh'd about seven times each (thanks mom for encouraging my excitement)! I found the texture to be a little moussey, not quite thick but definitely not watery, the swatches looked promising. They dried quickly and they did not budge! I had such a hard time getting the swatches off my hand, it was a solid two days until the pigment was completely gone from my skin, & that was after multiple hand washings & using oils as well as cleansers! If it could stay that long through wear & tear, imagine how it would hold on the lips! 

The first two shades in Let's Kiss (pinky nude) & Sweet Lips (bright magenta) swatched gorgeously on my lips! I was impressed! The color payoff for a product that costed only $1 was incredible; I only needed one layer of the lipgloss for an even coat of color. The two darker shades, XOXO (dark maroon) & Kiss & Tell (vampy plum) however were not as promising. These colors were patchy, but if I was to try again with this product, I would definitely recommend laying down a lip liner before hand, it'll help with the evenness of the shades. The colors are super gorgeous though & they have the potential of being awesome! Again, for being only $1 you can't really complain at all, just make a few minor adjustments. 

As far as wear goes, I did notice that they were very sticky, although they are titled as a lipgloss I wasn't expecting a result like that. My lips literally stuck together whenever I closed my mouth. I feel like this could be an easy fix however with a little bit of translucent powder or a similar colored eyeshadow. I will definitely be trying these out more to see if I can accommodate for the stickiness of the product. 

Taking the product off to switch to the next color was crazy. I literally looked like I had eaten a handful of raspberries while completely missing my mouth. I guess it's pretty safe to say that this product will not be moving on your lips. I will definitely be doing an update on this review to let you guys know if I can play with these a bit to see if they can work out for me. It'll be interesting to see how long these wear throughout eating and drinking throughout the day. 

Have you found these new products at your local Dollar Tree yet? I would love to hear how they worked out for you! What was the last beauty product that you found that you were head over heals for?



  1. "They have strawberries in their garden!" lol that is the first thing that came to my mind when you referred to your youth and raspberries. ;) I definitely loved the article.
    -Mirranda :)

    1. Oh my gosh! I was thinking the same thing!! Haha! We made raspberry jam at the house the other night I was thinking about our little trip to your grandparents! I miss those days!