Monday, October 17, 2016

A Thought

Hi beautiful!

Sometimes I feel like we get so wrapped up in the words that other people say, to be honest, that's completely okay, we're human! We make mistakes & we learn from them, it's the process of growing & becoming your individual self. Most recently, I have been guilty of letting the sticks & stones of others break me down more so than not, & quite frankly, it brings me down quite a bit. I think it's been brought to my attention though, that the words that people throw at you do not define you! All those feelings that you feel inside are completely 100% real & things get better!

It's hurtful, & those sayings stick. People are sensitive & people have genuine feelings. It's hard not to let the things that other people say not affect you in some sort of way; we are all fighting our own little battle that the person next door may not know about. Going through this world, day by day, we gain strength & courage from the obstacles that challenge us daily. Every morning, we wake up stronger than the day before, looking for the simple pleasures, sunshine, our daily boost of happiness. It's the little moments of life that make the experience worthwhile. There's always a rainbow after the storm! So keep your chin up darling, there's always room for a better tomorrow!

You are daring, courageous, & lovely. Wipe away the remnants of yesterday, today is the day to start over fresh & new.

You are you & that is your power.


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