Friday, November 13, 2015

Toni&Guy 2016 Cut and Colour Release

I'm sure it's safe to say that last weekend was the most wonderful weekend of my life. For those of you who don't know, these last 7 months, I've been attending the Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy. Last weekend, I was given the most incredible oppurtunity to be a model for the release of the cut and colour collection of 2016 for Toni&Guy. Let me just add that I've never been so inspired as a stylist as much as I was last weekend. Being around such amazing talent was so overwhelming energizing and was such an eye opener to me.

I met so many talented stylist and makeup artists throughout the weekend; I had the chance to talk to them about their journey and goals throughout their time being a hairdresser and it really inspired me and showed me all the opportunities this industry has to offer. 

Throughout the weekend models were selected and assigned a certain "look" from the new collection being released for 2016. Most models were cut and coloured according to the look they were representing. 

I was chosen for the haircut titled Nude (pictured far right). We decided to go with a different colour rather than the auburn, although that colour is gorgeous. For all my tigi colour friends, the colours used on myself were 30 grams of gloss 10/23, 20 grams of gloss 9/03, and 20 grams of gloss 7/2 combined. We decided to add some highlighted pieces in the fringe area to accent the movement in my cut, for this we used 30 grams of gloss 10/24, and 4 grams of 8/3 both used with an 8.5 activator. 

Unfortunately, pictures don't even begin to show the true colours of this beautiful masterpiece. The back is definitely more violet than gold then the picture shows. There are some front highlighted pieces that turned to be such a beautiful golden blonde. The colour as a whole is definitely much more lighter than the picture seems. 

The colouring process. 

This last picture was taken after the cut and my roots were lightened. 

All in all, the weekend was so inspirational and full of so much education. I am truly excited to attend more of these events and to continue to further my education.

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