Monday, December 28, 2015

Craziest Hair Trends of 2015

2015 was definitely a game changer for the hair enthusiasts. There were so many unexpected trends that started this year ranging from glitter hair to sunset locks that allowed individuals to express themselves in the most creative ways! Here were some of the top trends in the hair industry that were constantly popping up on my newsfeed throughout this year.

1. Glittered Hair 
From covering the pesky grow out to adding some dazzle on the beards of guys on the street, glittered hair was definitely a turn around for this industry in 2015. Personally, it was definitely one of my favorites; it was definitely a trend that stood out among the rest to this glitter obsessed girl! 

Photo credit: @shantiny

2. Unicorn Hair
Pastel coloured hair overruled my Instagram feed this year! So many stylists jumped on this train as creative artists showcasing their own take on the trend. Are you brave enough to rock this trend? 

Photo credit: @bescene

3. Rainbow Roots
This trend is a more permanent take on the glitter roots. This technique is perfect for those who are trying to dip their toes into the pastel hair trend; it's definitely not practical for the everyday individual, but perfect for those who are looking for a way to stand out with their look. 

Photo credit: @lottietommo123

4. Galaxy Hair
These bold array of colours definitely had my eye at the very beginning. Blues, greens, and violets made a bold statement with this hair trend in 2015. 

Photo credit:

5. Pixelated Hair 
I am OBSESSED with this hair trend; it takes hair colour to a different level! Depending on the part that is established you can adjust the pixelated effect that is perceived. Would you be brave enough to try out this trend? 

Photo credit: @phildoeshair

6. Sunset Hair
The first person who comes to mind when this effect is brought up is Larissa Love. She is the epitome of sunset hair in my mind. I've definitely experimented this trend in the salon environment and the results? Gorgeously coloured statement hair. 

Photo credit: @larissadoll

7. Smoked Violets
Violet has definitely been the colour of the year as far as hair goes. It seemed like everytime I witnessed a colour change there were some sort of violet tones going on. Did you try violet this year? 

Photo credit: @agirlnamedlatisha

8. Rose Gold 
They weren't kidding when they said rose gold everything! Personally, I hope this trend never goes away! It's such a delicate colour, yet it makes a statement in this industry. This colour is so delicate yet adds a feminine touch to your style. 

Photo credit: @neyduh

9. Gold Leaf Hair Art
2015 was definitely the year for gold. I'll be guilty of that one; I fell in love with the shiny and glamorous colour, so gold leaf hair? Count me in! 

Photo credit: @ashley_haircartel

10. Coloured Ombrés
Ombrés have been around for quite a long time but they really blossomed into something new and different this year. Not ready for an all over colour commitment? This technique is perfect for you! 

Photo credit: @larissadoll

What trends did you try this year and which ones are you looking forward to in the upcoming 2016 year? I'm pretty excited to see which trends arise out of old ones and which ones take on their own look. 

I hope you all had a fabulous 2015, and may your 2016 be filled with big opportunities and new experiences to help you grow as an individual. 

See you all in the new year! 



  1. Been contemplating sunset hair recently! Might have to do it before 2015 hair trends are a thing of the past! And mmmm, those gold leafy foils look fun! Love your blog girl! Thanks for the feauture ☄

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