Monday, January 4, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers Of December

Happy 2016 my loves! I hope you all had a super fabulous New Years! 

I'm back again with my top 5 favorite bloggers for the month of December. I received really great feedback from my last post like this in November, so I'm excited to be doing this post again! 

1. Larissa Love
I discovered @larissadoll on Instagram in the beginning of December and let me tell ya! I'm hooked! If you easily fall in love with beautiful hair colour and inspiration, you could appreciate Larissa! She has so much talent to share with the world and she creates such beautiful art. 

Photo credit: @larissadoll

2. Marte 
Also known as @glitterbubblegum on Instagram, Marte can be described as an unique individual who rocks her own sense of style! I absolutely adore her pastel locks and her "out of the box" creativity. Marte shares a lot of lip swatches with her audience and isn't afraid to go bold! 

Photo credit: @_glitterbubblegum

3. Emilie Berbrier 
I've been following along with @theblackember on Instagram for quite some time now and I will say one thing, she does not get enough recognition for her work! She is such a beautiful individual who really puts all of her efforts into her work; her style is so unique and very eye-catching! If you're a fashion lover, definitely check her out over on her Instagram, I promise you, you'll fall In love with her style. 

Photo credit: @theblackember

4. Kaitness 
I stumbled upon this fashion blogger originally on Instagram (per usual) and right away, I instantly fell absolutely in love with what I saw! Over on her website,, you'll find the most delicate, yet beautiful, French-obsessed, fashion lover around. Kaitness style can be described as casual, yet glamorous and graceful. Lately, I've really been getting inspiration for fashion and this blog definitely fueled the fire to burn brighter! Fashion obsessed? I have a solution for you! Grab a snack and head over to her blog, you might be there a while! 

Photo credit: @kaitness

5. Jaleesa Moses
I originally discovered Jaleesa through Ipsy, as she is apart of the creative team who helps to inspire woman all around! If you're a YouTube junkie like myself and have not already started following this beauty guru, you should do so now! Jaleesa offers everything from makeup to hair for her audience. Might I add that her hair is absolutely gorgeous?! 

Photo credit: @saythelees

Now, that I've shared my favorites with you, share with me who you've discovered last month that gets your creativity flowing! And don't be shy to share your blog with me down below! I would love to check it out, lets inspire and empower others! Have a fabulous week my loves, we will see you next Monday!


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