Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Edit #1

I just love the feeling of walking out my front door and being completely surrounded my lots of greenery and the smell of summer on it's way. The past couple of weeks, we've had a taste of that summer warmth; it's been so hot here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm so ready for that summer sun!

the lineup

Tomorrow Nathaniel and I are leaving for San Diego for the week, I'm so excited for the change of pace and environment! If you're familiar with the area, what are some things that we definitely need to try or do? I'm so excited to check out the markets; these last few weeks we've been attending a lot of our own local markets. My favorite part is all the fresh plants and homemade baked goods! 

what's been on replay

We actually just started Riverdale on Netflix (I know a little late to the party, but better late than never, right?) So far, so good. I feel like the first episode was packed full of things going on, anyone else? It definitely kept us on our toes; to be continued. 

what I've been loving

I've been on an espadrilles kick lately, I can't stop wearing them! I picked up this pair at Forever21 for only $12 (can you believe it?) and I've actually been pairing them with pretty much any outfit! They're kind of perfect for the days where we have a lot of walking and standing to do.

what's on the menu

Nathaniel and I have been LOVING testing out new recipes that we've seen on Pinterest. Some of our favorites this week have been taco bowls, which was actually inspired by a post on Instagram by @happliythehicks of this taco salad she posted on her feed! So much yum! We also made some grilled fish we picked up at our local market to take to the beach on Tuesday along with some berries and brussels sprouts! On Friday we made spinach and mozzarella pizza at home; something quick and fun to cook up right before our Riverdale binge! To pair with it, I decided to try a new recipe for this salad!  Needless to say, we've had a lot of success with dinner these last few days!

Really looking forward to what this week brings us! Any big plans for your week?



  1. I loved how you wrote this Monday edit! It's all the big stuff summed up! Great idea! As for my week, I'll continue with my Pinterest course because I need more traffic and since I've read Pinterest can be a great source of traffic, well...there you go, lol. Actually, my main plan is not to feel overwhelmed with all the household duties, planning my social media and blog calendar, and getting my BBG done. Doesn't sound like much to be honest but sometimes, little by little, it becomes overwhelming.

    1. Sounds like you're going to get things figured out! Good for you girl! I can completely understand that it gets overwhelming, in a similar situation trying to balance out work, blogging, social media. We'll figure it out eventually! You'll have to let me know how that Pinterest course goes! I've heard a lot about that recently!

  2. I saw Riverdale few months back. How are you liking it so far? I have mixed feeling about it :D

    Have fun in San Diego!


    1. We are only on episode 5, it's kinda intriguing! I'm a little hooked, I haven't really hit a point where I haven't liked the storyline yet! We shall see how the rest of it plays out though!