Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday Edit #3

the lineup

Back to the daily grind, we jumped right back into work the day we got back, now that I think about it, this whole week was work filled. We did manage to squeeze in the Saturday farmer's market where we picked up some sourdough bread (our favorite), and a new succulent to add to the family.

what's been on replay

You guys, we finished Riverdale this last week. My heart couldn't even take it. I was so emotionally invested by the end of the season, what began to happen next really killed me on the inside! I'm not about to give any spoilers to those of you who haven't watched, but the fire, the shooting, and the romance?! I couldn't even handle it, let's just say that there were some tears shed for a solid five minutes, even after the episode was over. 

We immediately jumped into a new Netflix original series after finishing Riverdale, with A Series of  Unfortunately Events. I saw it once before when it was first released, but Nathaniel has never seen it, so obviously I had to get him on that bandwagon, because it's SO GOOD! 

what I've been loving

I definitely think I found my new favorite pair of sunglasses. I picked up this pair from Urban Outfitters while we were in San Diego for only $18! I love the festival vibes that these aviators give off (even though I definitely don't plan on attending any this summer); they surprisingly pair well with a lot of outfits that I already have in my closet too, WIN! I see myself getting a lot of use out of them this summer for sure! 

what's on the menu

Right before we left for San Diego we went to the Saturday farmer's market and picked up some specialty goat cheese (honey vanilla, yes please), and some fresh baked bread, which is always a favorite! This week we've been using the goat cheese on our sandwiches. We paired them with berry jam, turkey, onion, tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, the whole works! Nathaniel actually makes the best sandwiches, he doesn't believe me but I promise you he does :), he even wraps it up with a fancy little bow, and how could you not love that?!  We also tried our hand at french toast waffles too (basically making the french toast as you normally would and cooking it on the waffle iron). To top it off, we used the goat cheese with a little bit of jam to mix in. 

When you see a field of daisies you can't not take pictures!


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  1. Love Netflix shows! I haven't seen a Series of Unfortunate Events, but I will have to watch it. There are so many good shows!