Friday, November 3, 2017

3 Things I’ve Learned From Other Bloggers About Dressing

Some may think that blogging is dead, but it’s the sole purpose, the true inspiration behind my evolution through style. It’s exciting to take away different ideas and aspects seen in other’s day to day style, it 100% affects what I decide to pull from my closet that day! It’s that “creative outlet” that I can guarantee most of my family doesn’t really understand at all, (but hey, that’s okay, to each their own), but I will continue to talk about my loves & passion for it, even with the “what does a hoodie & jeans say about me & my style” response.

I really haven’t started to tap into my inner fashion addiction until the last year or so. Throughout my teen years, I just played along with everyone else, jeans & a t-shirt with absolutely no thought process behind them at all behind other than comfort and it the fact that it was the first thing that I pulled from my closet that day. It wasn’t a fathom in my mind, it certainly wasn’t a statement, everyone else was wearing the same thing. Within this past year, I've really decided to open up my mind to the idea of playing around with different styles to see what suits me more, it's what sets us apart from others and I think that's why I really connected with it.

When I started up my Instagram for the fourth time or so (what is now known as @agirlnamedlatisha today) I knew that I wanted to use the platform to explore new interests, to develop my own niche. I started out showcasing my love for makeup and hair styling. Slowly I started to see bloggers fill my following feed and I felt like I could really connect with them. I found a love for using the platform for finding style inspo, finding similar pieces in my closet to recreate a look that I saw online. I started following some of my favorites through their blogs, you can still catch me going back to reread lots of posts from some of my favs for some inspiration. You can imagine that I follow along with people from all over; Flordia, London, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, just to name a few. It's so interesting to me to see the styles reflected in the different places and to bring them all together to create something a bit of the mix completely your own.

Needless to say, I've spent probably way too much time on the internet finding looks that I can recreate within my own closet. Blogging has been a saving grace when it comes to those days when I feel like I have nothing to wear, trying something of the unexpected can be a little be daunting at first but trust me when I say that it completely expands your horizons and opens up new doors to styling your wardrobe.

It probably goes without saying that I've learned quite a bit through my blogging favorites, today I wanted to share with you a few of the things I've learned from other bloggers about dressing, whether it's pulling pieces from your own closet, adding new clothing to it, or just gathering a little bit of fashion inspo.

Layering Fixes Just About Everything

It's not just fall fashion we're talking about here, although everyone's living for the layers through this current season; it seems SoCal is just starting to catch the fall weather memo, and people are rejoicing! Even during the warmer months, bloggers are notorious for layering, whether that's classic black camis over top of white tees for cooler summer days or adding sweaters over a floral spring dress for transitioning and re-purposing your spring wear pieces.

Don't let the layering stop at cardigans over comfy tees, layering can definitely be applied to accessorizing too! I've been seeing lots of bloggers layering necklaces recently to add a bit of shine to an outfit that may seem a little bland without. Handbags, scarves, jewelry, belts, when it comes to the accessories, the options are truly endless and there are so many ways to re-purpose pieces that may feel overplayed in your wardrobe.

“you shouldn’t let weather dictate what you wear. Wear what you want…”

The Style Bungalow definitely got this one stuck in my head. She's pretty new to my blogger obsession but let me tell you that you will not even regret taking a look at her blog or IG: pure heaven and complete inspo! Her style is absolutely effortless and chic and will forever be bookmarked. The South Floridan is always ahead of the trends, sharing her favs and how she would style them. Of course, being from South Florida it may not be the most relative in terms of recreating looks, because well, Florida is the sunshine state after all. The "fall/winter outerwear" is nothing comparable to those in a colder climate who are already experiencing those winter blues. The thing that really makes Stephanie Hill stand out from others is her 'screw the weather, I'm wearing a chunky knit sweater and leather skirt in the scorching heat' attitude. Wearing what you want, when you want has definitely stuck with me when I read this blog post of hers, and will forever be my new motto in life.

It Doesn't Have To Be So Serious

Fashion is FUN, it's relatable, it's a form of self-expression! It doesn't always have to be so structured and uptight. Wear what you want, have fun with it. Wear that silver sequined dress even if you have no where fancy to be. It's about the way it makes you feel, confident, sexy, empowering. That's the whole idea behind it, isn't it?  Creating a feeling, maybe not for something or someone else, but for yourself, it truly is a form of art in that aspect. Wear a killer biker jacket one day and the next, a white boho dress. Be one person today and different the next, that's my favorite part, you don't have to commit to one 'style'. There's so many out there, why not try them all? Find what you love and wear it on repeat with no shame! 



  1. Cute sunglasses. I live in Florida & there are just some fall days that wearing a sweater would literally result in a heatstroke haha. I love being able to wear dresses & slides basically year round though haha.

    Kara Aragon

    1. Girl, I don’t blame you 😭 lol! Yes to pretty dresses though! I would live in them! 💖