Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday Edit November 2017

It's the first Monday of the month, don't think I forgot about sharing my Monday edit for the month (although, I totally had another post ready for today until I realized what day it was). So with that said, Happy Monday friends!

the lineup 

October was gone in the blink of an eye. In all honesty, it really didn't feel like fall; this San Diego weather has my mind a little bit played. This last week or so has been rather beautiful though; chilly mornings have been my favorite, it's given me an excuse to wear my sweaters nonstop. Actually though, currently wearing this H&M sweater pictured here that I'm pretty sure that I wore two other times this past week #noshame.

Last month I feel like I hit a bit of a bump, I was feeling uninspired, a little bummed, and just rather in a funk; the winter blues minus the cold, slushy, snow weather. Although sometimes it feels like that feeling is never ending, I can finally say that I'm pulling myself out of it. It's as if a breath of fresh air has overcome me, I'm definitely starting to feel better.

While we're talking about good feelings, I'm so excited for the upcoming holidays. Nathaniel's parents will be coming to visit for Thanksgiving which I'm actually really excited about and after that, Christmas! I'm trying not to overdo it, throwing up Christmas decor before I get too burnt out before the season actually hits us, but I'm really excited to get a little tree up in our room and enter the season of giving and thanks.

what I've been loving

I pretty much already gave away my love for the last month; sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. I think it's an addiction rather than a love this month. I can't stop. I'm sure it doesn't help that my Instagram feed is completely filled with blogger babes sharing their favs, it makes that craving stronger than ever!

what's been on replay

Nathaniel and I have jumped on the Stranger Things 2 train along with the rest of the world. As of last night, we have two more episodes until the season is finished and to be frank, I'm not sure what to think. The season isn't even over yet and I'm already feeling withdrawals. The emotional investment in this show is quite scary and probably way too in depth but I'm not quite sure if there is anything to be done about it, please send help!

what's on the menu

I just have to share this baked mac and cheese that Nathaniel and I made this past month. Of course, leave it to Pinterest for dinner inspo. This mac and cheese recipe was definitely one of my favs (and ten times more successful than the last one we attempted). We also added in a little bit of broccoli and bacon bits to create the ultimate comfort food to accompany our movie night. You just can't eat mac and cheese and not binge watch some Netflix in our house.


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