Friday, December 29, 2017

The Most Worn Pieces From My Closet This Year

I kinda fell off the blogging train these last few months, but here I am! Sometimes we just need to take a break and soak up all the magic and glory this beautiful season has to offer. I hope you all had a chance to log off and share more laughs than "likes" for a while.

As I'm looking back on 2017, it's interesting to see how my style has evolved, how it's continuing to change as the days move on, and what I'm looking to incorporate more of in the new year to come. I've found myself reaching for key pieces in my closet this year, looking at them as a whole you can definitely tell which ones they are too. Some of the pieces mentioned have definitely taken a beating and have been well loved. It's been fun to incorporate these pieces into outfits in different ways with a few tweaks and adding a variety of accessories along with it. I thought it would be the perfect time to share my most worn pieces throughout the year, all that will definitely be carried into the new year with me!

I simply can't begin this list with any other item other than my cherished red tennis shoes from Target. I can already feel myself laughing a bit on the inside because these shoes have literally been through everything! They're so worn in and through by this point, Nathaniel keeps reminding me that I need to go pick up a new pair. I actually bought these last year on clearance for around $6, so I've got my monies worth out of them alright! For the longest time I was known as the girl in the red shoes from the older couple I was living with through the beginning of the year and the last. I've been everywhere in these shoes and I feel by this point, I have some fond memories attached to them. Call me a fool, but I might just wear them until I break the sole out of them and I feel my foot hit pavement. I don't think I've ever loved a pair of shoes so much!

I feel like I really don't shop from Target all that much when it comes to their clothing, but it seems to me that I was showing lots of love to the items that I have purchased from them this year! I pretty much live in this Camo Graphic Tee; I remember picking it up on a whim because I heard another blogger raving about the tees from Target's graphic shirt wear and how comfortable they were, they definitely were not wrong! I'm not a fan of camo whatsoever, it reminds me of high school boys running around in their camo hoodies with grey basketball shorts and cowboy boots. Now if you can only imagine that combo (I mean, to each their own). I fell in love with this tee for the feel and fit of it (I'm actually wearing it right now as I sit down to write this). It fits loose, with a definite vintage feel making for the perfect everyday wear, and super easy to dress up too with a pair of white denim and ankle boots.

Old Navy and I have been in it for the longest time and this year, I found an old love in their denim, particularly their mid rise super skinny jeans. I love the wash of them, just the perfect amount of fade, and they fit like a glove, not as skinny as they suggest, which I find to be rather flattering and extremely comfortable too. I grew up in Old Navy jeans, they were affordable and comfortable, pretty standard for my younger high school self. I'm so glad I ran across them again, it was like reuniting with an old friend that never let me down.

A few months ago I shared an assortment of affordable H&M sweaters that I was crushing on featuring this lovely one pictured. I had seen this sweater every time I scrolled through social media, it was like fate, we were meant to be together, this sweater and I. I finally ran across it as I was browsing my local H&M a few months back and I clung onto it like it was life or death, it's been love since then. I've had so much fun styling it different ways with summer skirts and with a classic denim/sweater ensemble, hands down definitely one of my favorite sweaters this season and for a $20 price tag, I might just go back and grab a few more colors!

Blue has definitely been the color of the year for me, I'm a total sucker for dusty, muted, blue hues like this button up blouse I thrifted early this year. This one in particular has the most unique feel to it too, soft and feels like butter. It has the most gorgeous drape to it and I love pairing it with denim of the same tones for a very monochromatic outfit. I still find so many ways to wear it with it's unique color, such a classic, yet original piece I've added to my closet this year and a total win!

These pieces were definitely stand outs in my closet this year and I can't wait to reinvent them for the year to come! What were your favorite pieces/most worn items in your closet this year and definitely let me in on how you plan on reinventing them in the unseen year of 2018! To the last few days of twenty seventeen, cheers friends!


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