Friday, December 8, 2017

The Season of Gifting

December, the time for baked treats, Christmas lights down every road, and the time to share old memories and make new ones with family and friends.

Time was valued around this part of the year in my family growing up. The last month of the year would be well spent, dressed in our brand new Christmas pajamas with a homemade hot cocoa to warm our little fingers in the bitter cold while we drove around our small hometown in Montana, gazing at the color of our town in the twinkling lights. Or perhaps you could find us playing Uno on the floorboards of the kitchen after a long (but well worth it) day filling every corner of the house with homemade ornaments (you know, the ones we made as kids in grade school). On the big day itself, time was spent gathered at Grandma's house to share the mornings events and to exchange treats and gifts with the rest of the family; you could always find Grandma's house packed with the cousins, aunts, and uncles. Some of my fondest moments were made in her living room wrapping presents to put under her tree and hanging lights corner to corner of the house. There was never a dull moment around this time of the year, there was always memories being made and laughter being shared. 

Most importantly, the holidays taught selflessness at a young age, it wasn't much about what you received rather, it was the thought that you put towards others. Thinking of others and giving when you could, whether that was lending a hand to another in need or sharing baked goods to the neighbors. As you can imagine, giving has always held a special place in my heart. I love the feeling of putting a smile on someone else's face and in my young ages, my siblings and I always looked forward to the process of gifting to one another. We always found creative ways to make sure the rest of the family had something under the tree, a special gift made from yours truly; we got pretty creative in our days, drawing pictures, and making headbands were our forte.

As I get older, it's pretty amazing to look back on those memories that were made year after year, and the impact that it's made on the present day. To this day, the thought of gifting puts a smile on my face and this holiday I'm really looking forward to finding the perfect gifts for family and friends. The best part about it, as years go on you really start to pay attention to detail, the special touches that make a gift complete.

This year, JORD Watches is the perfect gift that comes to mind for that special touch needed to complete your holiday gift guide. They specialize in beautifully handcrafted wooden watches that not only offer unique designs and timeless pieces, but also create a sense of classic and back to basic finishes for that personalized touch, sure to stand out. Whether for the men or women in your life, they really cater to anyone on your list this year with the selection of 13 wood finishes and classic styles they offer.

This season I'll be gifting with a thought of personalized detail and thanks to JORD, it's gifting made simple. Grab your exclusive 25% off discount for anything on their site, including my Frankie 35 Zebrawood & Champagne watch, pictured in this post.

What were some of your favorite memories and traditions growing up? Any special details that stand out? Sending lots of holiday cheer your way this season!

This product was sent to me complimentary for review and use by JORD Watches; a big thank you for their generosity and for thinking enough of my content to share their creations with me!


Wooden Wrist Watch


  1. Favorite memory is getting into our new Christmas PJ's and driving out to Toston bridge to see it all lit up. We sat looking at the beautiful lights with homemade cocoa in a steaming cup warming is up.

    1. My absolute favorite! Sad to be missing it this year! Sending lots of holiday wishes your way!

  2. Can't go wrong with that watch! Love the unique design. Wishing you a great weekend! xx


    1. Such a fun piece to add to my current collection! Hope it was a great weekend for you as well!