Saturday, January 13, 2018

January Inspirations

January, really brings a new momentum and spark of inspiration. It's the foundation of the eleven months ahead and the beginning of the life you're craving (full steam ahead with those new resolutions set in place)! It's good to look back, reflect, and grab a bit of inspiration from resources like magazines, Pinterest, and new music every once in a while for that extra boost of fire and provocation.

I was recently drawn into Jesslin's mood board for January over on her blog The colors, textures, and writing she's been in love with lately had myself inspired and wanting to create something of my own. I think it's good to draw certain moods from elements from everyday life in photos, writing (including music), textures, and feelings. It help things remain current and updated, a quick fresh boost of life to help get you through the week.

Lately, I've found myself looking more towards textures and shapes of more organic and raw forms. I'm drawn towards the roses down the street in my neighbor's front yard (it's a surprise they haven't come outside to find me capturing that perfect angle of their flowers just yet). I've been in awe of the way the colors of the world seem to pop a little bit brighter when there's a grey, overcast sky looming over our city. I've been filling my head with tunes of slow rhythms and the crisp sounds of the way the artist's fingers glide over his guitar strings.

Just a few things I’ve been inspired by at the start of the new year. Bold, statement pieces, soft delicate colors, & all things reflects. 


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