Friday, March 9, 2018

What I'm Adding to my Closet This Spring

Earlier this year, I shared on my Instagram that I was implementing a new method with my clothing purchases this year and a lot of people responded positively saying that they shared the same feelings! I made a vow that in 2018, I'm really investing in clothing that not only will hold up well but will remain versatile in my closet. I find myself running out of options and inspiration so much lately. I've been in a rut and feeling in a creative block starting with way I put myself together in the morning. New seasons allow for a fresh start though, and with spring approaching rather quickly, I'm compiling a few items that I'm looking to add to my closet to keep me inspired and looking forward to the process of putting together an outfit! I think more than anything this spring, I'm looking forward to getting a grip back on my wardrobe. Lately, it's been a lot of "I actually have nothing to wear" and "these pieces just don't express my personal style anymore". This spring I'm embracing the basics and investing in versatile pieces that truly allow for expressiveness.

Basic Tees
I'm not sure about you, but when I get to shopping, I feel like sometimes I get carried away with all the fun colors and prints, all the more "trendy" items. I'm really looking to invest in more basic tees this spring. Clothing that's easy to run out the door in, both suitable for warmer days but also great layers pieces for the chilly days too. I find myself asking Nathaniel to borrow his white t-shirts a little too often, I just really love the fit and the fact that they're a little bit oversized so I can tuck them into my jeans makes them that much better! ;)

I've been feeling more girly and feminine with my style as of late. I find myself looking towards my closet and gravitating towards the two dresses that I do have and looking for different ways to style them so I don't get as burnt out as easily as I normally would. I love the simplicity of an easy dress, something to just throw on without any effort at all but totally fools everyone! Adding a denim or leather jacket on top and changing up the heels for sneakers can really help elevate the overall appearance and change the vibe of the outfit too!

When in doubt, denim and a classic white tee never really fail me; I love it with simple gold jewelry too! Accounts like Lizzy Hadfield and Vivid Wu are both ladies that I look towards when I'm struggling with making the best of my basic outfits. They really nail it with simplicity yet still making an outfit feel complete. Earlier this year, I made myself a promise that I would make 2018 the year of investing in high quality denim, that not only feels good, but flatters and suits me. I've always had a tough time with denim and really only have 2 pair that I actually enjoy wearing and get a lot of use out of. I'm looking forward to branching out and discovering different brands that I can rely on in this department this season.

Kitten Heels
I'm totally a sucker for little kitten heels worn with some straight legged high waisted denim. It really helps elevate the outfit. The thing I love about kitten heels is that you're really not sacrificing comfort since the heel is so short, they're easy to walk in and it's an effortless way to look put together. It's something a little bit different than the average sneaker, denim, and tee combo. I've noticed that I really don't have any dressier shoes that I can wear on a daily basis to pair with my more casual, everyday outfits and I love the versatility in these black ones that I have linked from Asos below; they're even on sale right now for $16! Super affordable, I really can see myself getting a lot of wear out of them!

I hope to add a little boost of inspo for your wardrobe! I would love to know what pieces you are adding to your own shopping cart this season: colors, textures, and patterns! And I'm always up for suggestions on what other pieces you might think are beneficial to have in your closet!

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  1. Oh girl, basic tees are such life savers! I always wear my white one with almost everything lol. It's probably the most worn item from my wardrobe and need to work on getting some cute dresses too. Have a nice day! xx


    1. I’m a sucker for white tees right now, wearing them nonstop!