Monday, March 5, 2018

Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco

We found our way back to one of my favorite cities, Berkeley, CA. The way the trees canopy the residential roads, the way college town, and city life come together, there's just nothing more perfect!

Taken from the perspective of a little, small town Montana girl, there's just something extremely magical about visiting the city. I love all the little floral stands that line down the streets, mouth watering restaurants galore (giving us even more to look forward to when we go back), farmer's markets, and all of the color of the street art and different buildings. There's just nothing quite like it!

Whenever we head back to Nathaniel's hometown, we always try to fit in as many activities as we can. The best part about it, is being able to experience the city from his perspective and learning about his favorite places growing up. I love visiting spots around the area that have memorable value attached to them, listening to what it was like as a kid to grow up in such a big place, while creating and discovering new memories of our own. Some of my favorites have been visiting the rose garden (there's nothing quite like all the variety of roses and smells) and climbing Indian Rock to catch a view of the entire city, which on a clear day can see as far as the Golden Gate Bridge.

During our last visit, we made a trip to the highly awaited and anticipated Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. When I first heard about the grand opening in Los Angeles, I knew it was definitely a place that needed to be added to the bucket list. You can probably imagine my excitement when Nathaniel shared his surprise of being able to book tickets for the same weekend we would be in town!

When we got to the museum, we were offered chocolate (the first of many yummy treats) before our orientation where we decided team captains and a team name. The staff was very engaging and high energy to set the tone for the overall experience. If The Museum of Ice Cream isn't the definition of the happy place, I'm not sure what is. Everyone had a big smile on their face and all the crew members were sure to engage in conversation with all the guests and attendees to make sure the experience was as upbeat as possible.

Every room had a different theme to it along with a yummy dessert to correlate. The old bank was filled to the brim with picturesque, interactive sculptures and textures galore. Gummy bears, giant popsicles, and a pool room filled with sprinkles were some of the highlights of the tour.

The first room offered a full functioning jukebox with music titles themed around ice cream and sweets like "Brownie Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison and "Milkshake it Off" by Taylor Swift. This room came along with one of my favorite treats featuring a vanilla and cherry tart ice cream from a local shop in town.

The mirrored room was definitely my favorite, it was a small little room, not big enough to stand in. It was so pretty the way the light reflected throughout it.  

The museum was definitely such a fun and unique experience that I would highly recommend if you've been toying around with the idea! Not only did we learn a lot about the start up of ice cream and fun facts along with it, the interaction that went along with it truly made the experience worth it! Don't forget to charge your phone and grab your camera, because this one will definitely be for the books!


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