Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday Edit April 2018

Hi! Oh boy, it's been far too long since I've shared a Monday Edit (and looking back on my last Monday Edit from February, it looks like I felt the same way, oops), life has been so busy lately. Within the last two months I was finally accepted to take my cosmetology tests and transfer my license to the state of California, I took on a new full time job in said career field, I turned 22 last Sunday, and something as of more recent, Nathaniel and I have been accepted for a new apartment with his sister! We are so excited for this move, I'm going a little overboard with ideas of decor and furniture since a little too soon until we move; still in the end of June. I just can't help it, such an exciting time!

the lineup

Seriously such big transitions the past few months and I couldn't feel more grateful for everything falling perfectly into place! I was thinking a few weeks ago about all these big life changes, I've never felt this sure about where I am and where I'm going. Life has been so good to me, everything leading up to this point. Sometimes we sit back when things don't feel right and think to ourselves if only things could be better, looking forward to the days where all our troubles are behind us and the world just seems to be shining a little brighter. I finally felt that bridge crossing and let me tell you, it all feels worth it! Sure I still have days where I'm uncertain, and struggle to feel like I'm genuinely going down the right path, but looking back on that feeling that hit me that Wednesday, I can't help but be grateful for where I am; I just know that even more rainbows are on their way!

what I've been loving

I shared the other day on my Insta stories that I've been loving my Ole Henriksen Banana Eye Cream as of recently. Nathaniel got it for me for my birthday, he's so attentive and knows me so well! I've been using the cream every morning, it really makes my under eyes look so fresh and awake. I picked up a little sample from Sephora a few weeks ago and it lasted a good amount of time, you really need the smallest amount to do the job! While using that sample, I did notice some brightening effects within the couple weeks that I have been using it! About a month back, I noticed that my under eyes were getting a little dark and dull, the Banana Bright Cream really helped clear things up and keep my eyes from looking tired and sunk, even on my no makeup days!

what's been on replay

Netflix, oh dear Netflix. West World, Silicon Valley, Master of None, A Series of Unfortunate Events; we have a huge list of things we're keeping (attempting is more like it) up with lately. The best nights are the ones when we stay in and make a night out of it! What have been a few of your favs recently?  

what's on the menu

Okay honestly, I am on such a smoothie kick right now! My mom got me a blender for my 22nd (I'm really so excited to adult, my very own blender? I'm ecstatic). I've literally made smoothies everyday since my birthday last Sunday, I'm sure Nathaniel doesn't mind either ;). If you've been following along with my Monday Edits for a few months now, you already know that Pinterest is my go to when it comes to discovering new recipes. I get bored easily with making the same thing over and over Pinterest has kept me inspired and excited to test out some new flavors though! In all the days that I've made one, I swear I've had a different variation of them and it keeps me inspired to try other flavors! Here are some links to a few of my favs!

Peach Green Tea - I think next time on this recipe, I would use less ice than it called for, it was a little more slushy for my liking, I'll have to play around with that ratio a little more!
Mixed Berry
Peach and Grapefruit
Lemon and Raspberry - My newest addiction! By far my favorite that I've made this far! I substituted a few different things to accommodate to what we had in the cupboard. I used blueberries and raspberries, regular vanilla yogurt, and juice of half of a small lemon. Definitely a must try!

I'm so looking forward to testing out a recipe with some fresh oranges from the backyard too! I'm seriously having way too much fun with this blender! ;)


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