Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Edit #4

the lineup
I feel like this week went by so quick, tomorrow is the Fourth of July already too; uhm, where did June go? 

This week we finally got my bike put together, I was so excited to get back to riding; it's been over two years since it's been in good enough condition to ride! I went to take it back out for a ride
yesterday morning though and the tire was flat, again. Looks like we're back to square one, a new tube is in order. 

what's been on replay

We're still going at it with The Series of Unfortunate Events, I feel like we've been trying to watch at least one episode most nights after work and the day's events. This series is actually one of my favorites, I'm really enjoying watching it again with Nathaniel! 

what I've been loving

Saturday night Nathaniel surprised me (literally out of no where) with the new MorpheXJaclynHill palette, needless to say I may have cried a little bit, I was so excited! I've been eyeing the palette for weeks and talking about it nonstop; obviously he got the hint ;)! I actually was going to purchase the palette myself but the website had crashed while I was checking out and well, that didn't happen. I went back a little later to try again and it had sold out. To be completely honest, I was completely surprised he kept the secret for as long as he did! I have yet to swatch or test out any of the shadows, but I'm hoping to shortly because they do look promising! 

what's on the menu
We tried out a new restaurant in town this last Monday called the Cosmic Cowboy Grill. The decor was quite modern and was not what I was expecting at all; I was really impressed with how they
pulled everything together! The food was great; they had a variety of items to offer to the public ranging from wraps (which Nathaniel and I both had) and I think I may have saw some seafood options on the menu as well. I can definitely see us going back to try out something new.


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