Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Edit #7

the lineup

This week has been so busy trying to get ready to leave to go back to my Montana home to see family and friends before we begin our adventure to our new home in San Diego. Packing, donating, packing, and donating and of course work in the mix of all of the preparation, it's been a busy week! Some how we managed to sneak in a afternoon hike and hit up the Farmer's Market on Wednesday too! 

My mom, step dad, and brother actually came up to visit this past weekend too! It was a short weekend, but it was good to spend one last time in Coeur d' Alene, ID with them! In between work hours, we spent the weekend just hanging out, nothing too extraordinary; it was good to just relax a little (with the little relaxing that we did get to do)! Unfortunately, they spent most of the weekend in the car while I freelanced at a wedding on Saturday, but regardless is was nice to enjoy what little time we had, together! 

what's on replay

We tried out a new (to us) show on Netflix called Travelers. The first couple episodes are kinda hard to follow but once you get in, you begin to understand what is going on a bit. We aren't too far in but there is definitely a lot of action in this series! The beginning totally hooks you in too!   

what I've been loving

To be quite honest, this week has just been so busy, thinking back on things that I've loved this week, there's nothing that really jumps to mind! I think this week we've just really enjoyed playing with the idea of planning out our trip to San Diego, as we are driving down (starting August 5th). It's been fun planning out each day and adding in fun things to see and do! 

what's on the menu

We've had a lot of yummy things this week, but some things to definitely take note of was this garlic chicken with zucchini. Not to boast or anything, but that chicken was probably the best I've had in a while! It was the perfect amount of juicy and seasoned! Let me tell you, Nathaniel is a good chef, I think I might keep him around for a while ;)! 

We also tried out a new restaurant in Midtown called Bluebird. the inside was really beautiful filled with authentic wall hangings and accented with old bottles of wine and oriental flowers. I love places that take decor and styling into consideration when setting up a new restaurant, it's just always a nice touch and really sets the mood for the place! I tried the shrimp and grits and it was really yummy, Nathaniel must have liked it too because he just informed me that he finished off my leftovers the other day! 

*obviously the only time I remembered to take pictures this week is before we ate our food ;)

Happy Monday! 


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