Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Edit June 2018

You guys really seem to love these edits! They're some of my most read content on the blog! It really makes my heart so happy to see you guys tagging along for this journey of mine, especially when I'm creating content that I love and enjoy! Thank you so, so much for being here and all your sweet, kind words always! Much love!

the lineup

The month of May was definitely just a time of getting things sorted out for me. Getting into a routine for my new job, picking up old loves for sports and hobbies, just absorbing life really. I mentioned in my April edit that we have been accepted for a new apartment and we're so excited to finally say that it's moving month! These next few weeks are sure to fly by, but I'm so excited to see what new will be brought with the apartment and to share it all with you! I really have so many projects and DIYs mapped out (I get it from my momma), I'm trying so hard to not go overboard and contain myself!

what I've been loving

I've been falling hard for Cotton On's straight leg cropped denim. It is no exaggeration when I say I wear them nonstop and they are my favorite go to jean at the moment. I actually went back and bought this white pair a few days ago for something a little more summery. They are so flattering and I love the raw hem detailing on them. Since they are cropped they show a little ankle, which in turn shows off the shoes; they would look so incredible with little booties or some fun glitzy heels for a night out. I love the options when it comes to styling them! Overall I can't say enough good things about these jeans, and under $40? You better R U N!

what's been on replay

Do you ever hear a song that just brings you to a certain time, a certain feeling, something just so nostalgic you can't help but just grasp that feeling so tight and hope you don't lose it? I'm stuck there with this song I just discovered on Spotify called Pressure by LeMarquis. With summer approaching, I'm really missing long drives with the music as loud as I can bear it with the sun shining bright. You guys, I'm really just missing my Montana home and the Pacific Northwest right now. There's just something about this particular song that really brings me to it and I can't get enough.

what's on the menu

I was saying just the other day that my mindset when it comes to craving food related things lately consists of the 3P's; pretzels, pizza, and pasta! ;) I don't know what's with my body lately but all I've been craving is pizza and pasta: I just so happened to be snacking on some pretzels when I said that too. You know, now that I think about it, it might be the influences of Pinterest (as I took a break to scroll through). If only you could see my feed right now, after pinning multiple pictures and links to pizza and pasta recipes, one thing leads to another and my whole feed is filled with nothing but the two named and the occasional kitchen decor and styling! I seriously have a problem! I've found so many good recipes that I'm looking forward to trying out on there lately. If you guys have been following along on these Monday edits for a while, you totally already know that I'm always reaching towards Pinterest for new recipes. I have a lot of fun experimenting and trying out new things! I've found so many good pasta recipes and unique pizza combinations that I've just been craving to try!

Anyway, I swear there was a moral to all of this! I really don't know what I ever did without Trader Joe's. Their prices are by far the most affordable while still offering fresh and organic options. I genuinely love shopping there because everything is super convenient and they have quite a few new and fun products to try out! The last few weeks we've been picking up the cauliflower gnocchi (insert why I was going on and on about the pasta conversation above) after hearing so many raving reviews; even the cashier has said people really stock up on this product buying 10 bags at a time because they're so good and an easy weeknight dinner idea. It's only about $2 for dinner and takes about 10 minutes to make, super easy and really convenient for Netflix nights or when I get home later at night from work. You seriously can't even tell that it's made from cauliflower either! We usually like to cook it up with some chicken or sausage and pair it with one of our favorite tomato and basil pasta sauces we've picked up as well for something a bit more filling. There's really a lot of ways to spice it up as well, I would highly recommend trying it out next time you're shopping around.


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  1. Yay, can't wait to see your new apartment! I bet it will look amazing. Have a lovely day. xx