Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday Edit September 2018

the lineup

Hi, my name is Latisha, I'm my own worst critic and to be honest sometimes I really let that get the best of me. But in all seriousness, that's the truth when it comes to my blog and creating pretty little pictures for the gram. It's something I'm really trying to work on for the remaining bit of this year but let me tell you, it's not easy for me! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my creations and the perfectionist in me wins almost every time. So in case you thought I fell off the face of the planet and forgot about my blog yet again, nope. I've just been in my little bubble of *attempting* to create pretty content but ultimately letting it get to my head.

Last we talked, I was prepping to move into the new apartment, well here we are! Nathaniel and I are all moved in along with his sister and I really can't wait to share it all with you! I'm a bit of a perfectionist as stated; I still have some finishing touches that I want to do before sharing bits of the new home here with you all, but I promise in time. It's so welcoming to be in this new space!

what I've been loving

I'm excited to share that I've created an Etsy account! A little space of mine to share my creations and pretty little tassle earrings with you all! I made myself this pair (and here) quite a while ago actually, and I wear them pretty regularly, not to be biased but they're probably one of my favorite accessories to add to an outfit. They're so original and cute with just a dash of an editorial feel, they're definitely a statement piece in their self but that's what makes them so fun! I'll be sharing lots more info and pictures on those within the next few days!

I really wanted to share a body butter I've been loving for the past few months. I've been LOVING the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream in Sweet Lime. The original Body Buttercream has a really good reputation, I just really enjoy the lime scent. It locks in moisture straight out of the shower; I love to use it out of shower after shaving, it leaves my skin silky soft and I still feel the results long term. I really can't recommend this enough!

what's been on replay

I have a serious addiction to New Girl on Netflix. Yes, way late to that party, but better late than never, it's so funny! I'm finishing up with season 5, which means there's only one more season left and what will I do with myself?! Anyone else get emotionally invested in their shows and after you finish them just sit there on the couch contemplating what to do with their life next? No? Just me?
Well we'll just move right on from that question then.

what's on the menu

Last week I meal prepped the following week's worth of dinners and what a weight off of my shoulder that was! I've seriously felt so productive as far as meal planning goes and this past week felt like a total win! When I first moved out on my own, my mom gave me a few freezer dinner recipes to help me get started and while Nathaniel and I were moving into our new apartment within the last few months I found the recipes again! It was perfect timing. I made a modified version of this baked ziti pasta which made 3 nights worth of dinners and another recipe for chicken and broccoli pasta (similar here) which also amounted to 3 nights worth of food. Thank goodness for mothers and their knowledge and tricks on dinners made simple!

I hope you all have such a great week!


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  1. Hi just found your blog and I love it!! And I totally get what you're saying by creating pretty content. I love these post a lot and think that they are very pretty and creative.
    - Vanessa