Monday, September 17, 2018

Tassle, Tassle

I shared at the beginning of last week that I finally opened up shop on Etsy. I've always loved sharing my creations with others, through social platforms, with friends and family. I'm happy to be sharing the details and break everything down for you here on the blog. I hope you guys love them as much as I do! They're actually one of my favorite accessories to wear, and although I might be a l i t t l e biased behind that statement, I truly stand behind my product and think they really pull together any outfit and add a little pep in your step ;).

I seriously had so much fun shooting pictures styling the yellow, turquoise, and blush tassles. I honesty have such an overload of photos, I was so happy with how everything came together! I wore my favorite fit of white Cotton On Mid Rise Straight Leg Cropped Denim and a camel colored raw hem, wide sleeved sweater from last season Zara. I found some similar and affordable options that I'll have linked below. The white raw hemmed denim was perfect for the beach scene, and the camel tone in the sweater really was the perfect monochrome moment. All three sets of earrings paired perfectly and were the splash of color that really stood out in the outfit. I think my favorite paired with this outfit were the turquoise tassles! I would love to know which one is your favorite!

I have a few other listings up on the shop, and many more colors to come, as I can't seem to quite stop making them! Once I get started, it's addicting and the outcome is just too fun not to! I added a few other colors to the shop besides the ones pictured, I'll be sharing pictures of those in the weeks to come as they come along.

Dancing around the beach in this monochromatic look was a moment, relaxed and casual in all it's glory. Gloomy beach days are the most perfect in my eyes, I love the way the water crashes into the rocks and kisses the dry sand when the waves get so aggressive that they start to push further and further on land. On this day in particular, it was one of our chiller days here in San Diego, the beach was pretty much deserted besides the surfers and I had this little corner all to myself for over an hour; it was absolute heaven. It was one of the most peaceful days we've had at the ocean since last winter before the days started getting warmer again. If there's one thing I'm looking forward to once the weather starts to cool down it's having the beach all to myself and taking in all of it's beauty on days such as these. 

I would love to know your thoughts on the collection so far and a share of your favorites! You can find the remaining colors here on the shop. Thank you so much for your support always!


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  1. Oh my! They are so darn cute! Love the yellow ones. Have a lovely day. xx