Monday, December 10, 2018

Monday Edit December 2018

the lineup

Hi, hi! Wow, this post is a little late in coming, the holiday busyness is consuming me at work, although I'm not complaining, I'm genuinely loving it! All the fancy little updos and styles are giving me all the heart eyes towards my work lately!

Thanksgiving passed and here we are, if you're anything like me, anticipating Christmas in all it's glory. I've been frantically pinning to my Pinterest board everything holiday, I've been in the spirit way earlier than I ever have this year (like before Halloween), but I promised myself to wait until after Thanksgiving to fully immerse myself in all things decor and sparkle. I'm so so excited this year for Christmas!

It's really been a while since we've talked. Since then, I went back to my home state to visit with family, mid October (wow, has it been that long already?). It was a really wonderful week, we traveled to visit The Sculptures in the Wild in Lincoln, MT, got lost in the most beautiful yellow and orange leaves, and really just spent a lot of time with family which I was completely grateful for since it isn't often that I get to travel back. We got a lot of pictures from the Sculpture park, it was such a cool and unique place out in the middle of nowhere really! I'm sharing a few pictures from the trip down below too!

My brother (of all people) keeps harping on me to get pictures up of the new apartment. As you may know, we've been moved in since the beginning of August, but I really just wanted to take my time in decorating and getting everything cozy and perfect before I shared pictures of the place here. With Christmas weeks away now, I'm adding all things sparkly and festive to the place too. I would love to share some pictures here in the near future with all of the pretty festive decor!

what I've been loving

I've been diving head first into my saved DIYs on Pinterst lately. I discovered A Beautiful Mess blog through Pinterst few days ago, such a score too because she seriously has the cutest DIYs especially for Christmas too! I think the crafty touches on Christmas decor particularly really helps to round out things and create a homey feel. A lot of the projects on the blog really, genuinely look like items to be found in a boutique which makes it all the better! Recently I've made this folliage "merry" sign and I've been working on these mini Christmas houses that have been turning out so cute!

what's been on replay

It's about time that I jump on board with the rest of the world and experience the hype around Gilmore Girls. I. Am. Obsessed! I literally can't stop watching, I'm already halfway through season 7, the last season. I may be a teeny bit embarrassed by how indulged I've been into the tv lately!

what's on the menu

We've been utilizing our Hello Fresh and Blue Apron dinner subscriptions quite a bit throughout the month of October and November up until now. It really just makes it super easy and perfect for having one less thing to worry about during the day. One of my favorites have been pork with a jam glaze, we've had a couple variations of the same thing and they have all held up to my expectations. It's something about the savory and a little bit sweet bit that really gets me.

Like I mentioned, Pinterest has literally been on repeat as of late. I'm hoping to whip up some fun baked goods for Christmas. I'm seeing some indulgent chocolate cake and Christmas cookies in my future! Do you have any festive recipes that you like to make around this time of the year?


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