Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Edit #10

the lineup 

This week seemed to carry on forever! It seems like a lifetime ago we were getting ready to head to Berkeley, CA to visit family and friends. Nathaniel and I were both pretty exhausted; we definitely felt like the last few weeks had finally caught up with us both physically and emotionally. Although we didn't do too much, we did meet up with some friends and caught up over breakfast on Thursday, that same day we went into the city of San Francisco to tour the mall and grab some grub. Throughout the week we also played around in the Rose Garden in Berkeley and Tuesday night we went to the Oakland Athletic's baseball game. For the most part, we took most of the time in Berkeley to rest and catch up with ourselves before we began our nearly 10 hour drive to San Diego last Friday. 

The day we arrived to our new place, we unpacked, unloaded and settled into our new space. We wasted no time on getting to know the area we now call home; the first night we arrived we met with 
Nathaniel's sister (who lives on a few miles away from us) at an Italian restaurant nearby, since we had spent most of the day driving, we didn't stay out too late. Our first full day in San Diego we started the process of unpacking our clothes and setting up our belongings; It feels good to have everything in it's own home for the most part. Later in the afternoon, we walked around the mall in 
the University City mall for a bit and grabbed some lunch at Lemonade too (which was so yummy, we will definitely we back)! Later that evening we met back up with Nathaniel's sister for Sprinkles Cupcakes. 

Today we are off to the beach! We are packing a picnic and spending the morning relaxing on the ocean side, I don't know if I can think of a better way to spend my morning! 

what I've been loving

So I may or may not have gotten rid of practically all of my jewelry besides a few sentimental pieces while we were moving. I know It'll come to haunt me but for now, it's alright. I did however keep the majority of my earrings so for now, I've been giving them lots of love! Before the move, I was kind of neglecting them, I didn't wear them all THAT much, I pretty much just wore the same pieces on repeat, but I'm glad I'm able to show other articles in my closet some love and spice up currently plain outfits with some of my old favorite statement earrings! I actually have a lot of earrings that I'm really excited to play with! 

what's been on replay 

I can't even believe we finished Travelers!! A part of me can't even wait for season 2 to come out (but then again that's what I say about every new series we finish), but for real, this one is serious! I can't even handle how they finished season 1! If you guys have seen Travelers, are there any recommendations on shows that are similar? 

For now, we started Rick and Morty season 1. I think the  main reason we started it was because I actually couldn't stop quoting the new season's premier. Nathaniel knows, I literally could not STOP! It would just get stuck in my head out of nowhere! 

what's on the menu

Last night we made our first dinner in our new place! We kept it pretty simple and made taco bowls since we were pretty exhausted with the last few days events. Yesterday we went out and did a little grocery shopping, so we're able to cook a little more at home now. I'm excited for all the new recipes that I have in mind, and of course all these pins I have pinned on my Pinterest board! ;) 

We picked up some produce and fresh bread yesterday from the Hillcrest Farmer's Market too! It was such a beautiful market with a little bit of everything! I've actually never seen a market so big! There was definitely a little bit of something for everyone! I can't wait to go back; there were so many good finds! 


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