Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Edit #9

the lineup

This week has been such a long one! Within the weeks timeframe we traveled to Montana to drop some things off & visit with family for a few days; we headed back home last Thursday and finished packing & gathering all of our things for the move. Let me tell you, it was such a long week! Poor Nathaniel had to put up with my stressful being for the last night we were in Coeur d' Alene. I'll be honest, I was kinda cranky & a little irritable while getting rid of over half of my belongings to make room to fit the few things we could into the car we were calling our home for the next few days. Thanks to Nathaniel, all is calm & well now, but at the time, let's just give him a big hug to him for keeping me in line ;). 

We made it to Berkeley, CA last night; we will be staying with Nathaniel's parents for a next few night and by this upcoming Friday we will be on our way to our new home in San Diego! I'm so looking forward to exploring & getting to know our new home and the area surrounding! 

It was a long few days road tripping from Coeur d' Alene, ID to Berkeley but alas we made it! Our last day in CDA was a little emotional & very busy! We said goodbye to a few close friends (I may have cried a bit), we grabbed a few acai bowls from our favorite juice bar, The Wellness Bar, and we were on our way! We stayed in Bend, OR at this cool little AirBnB for the first night of our drive. My favorite thing about traveling is getting to view a little bit of local flare while staying at AirBnBs. We like to visit a part of the downtown area and try out local restaurants & pubs while we travel to really get a feel for the city we're in. 

what I've been loving

Is it cheating if I share something I've been loving that wasn't actually mine? Nathaniel bought this denim jacket a few weeks ago at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & might I just add that it looks SO GOOD on him? To be honest, if it wasn't too big for me, I would probably steal it, because it's that good! 

what's been on replay 

You probably guessed this one, we're still watching travelers, & I can't even get enough! We have a few more episodes left until we have completed season 1, I'm not sure if I can handle waiting for the second season! I actually don't think we saw too many episodes this last week though since we were so involved with traveling and getting ready for the move though, but you can bet once we get settled in our new place, it'll be finished by the next evening! 

what's on the menu

Oh, Definitely a few noteworthy food places to share this week! While we were in MT we just had to take Nathaniel to the Pink Flamingo Grill for dinner! It's one of the touristy stops right by the lake that just has to be done while you're in town, you know? We shared dinner there with my family & a close family friend the night before we packed up to head back to CDA. We also had some yummy pizza at Bridge Pizza in Helena, MT too; Nathaniel & I actually ended up eating the entire pizza by ourselves (no shame), we were so hungry!! 

This morning, we went to breakfast at Bartevelle Cafe in Berkeley with Nathaniel's mom while waiting for the car to get checked up. We all tried the avacado toast (because obviously that's what you do when you see everyone hyping it up on Instagram), the hype was definitely real. The toast was local from the Acne bread shop next door too; we ended up bringing home a loaf! I sound like a total foodie saying how yummy all this food was this week, but I'm pretty sure this cafe topped the cake (or in this case, the toast). Best I've had all week for sure!


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