Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Edit #11

the lineup

It's a little bit of a late night upload, but I definitely didn't want to skip a week of my Monday Edits! Nathaniel and I just got back from the beach, we made a little night trip to watch the sunset on La Jolla Shores Beach after work, literally the best way to end the day (especially after spending ALL day at work)!  

This week has gone by pretty fast! I started work back up again last Tuesday; so far I've worked mostly night shifts so we've been trying to fit some fun activities in during the day. We discovered the La Jolla Secret Swings, which was probably the best part of the week! They weren't terribly hidden and the view was so incredible! Props to whoever set up that swing because it totally made my week; who knew that a little piece of wood hung from a tree could make a girl so happy! 

what I've been loving 

So referring back to my last Monday Edit post
(I mentioned I pretty much gave away all of my accessories not including my earring collection) I've been reaching for my gold hoops almost every day. It must be a San Diego thing for me or something because I've never really reached for them like I have been this week and spoiler alert, I'm not stopping anytime soon!

what's been on replay

We've been watching Rick and Morty almost every night (when I don't get off ridiculously late). I have a feeling we will be on this one for a while since we have a few seasons to catch up on; we are on season 1, episode 8 currently! 

what's on the menu

When moving to San Diego, we were pretty bummed about leaving behind one of our favorite little smoothie shops in Coeur d' Alene, The Wellness Bar. I don't know what it is, but the acai bowls there are the BEST EVER! Most acai bowls we've had other places just weren't the same, they were either too slushy or too runny. But you guys, all faith has been restored! We found The Blend Superfood Bar on Instagram before we moved, located in Mission Beach, and we knew we had to try it out! The acai bowls on their feed are so huge and really stood out; there was a lot of hype around this superfood bar (and for good reason)! They have a variety of options for both bowls and smoothies. I actually feel a little bit guilty for saying that these might be just as good as The Wellness Bar (although they will always have a special little place in my heart, they're just so good)!

When in San Diego, Breakfast Republic is a MUST! It's definitely our favorite breakfast/brunch place ever (hope you don't mind me assuming the same goes for you Nathaniel)! We invited Nathaniel's sister out to Breakfast Sunday morning, although it took us 3 locations to find a place that didn't have an hour long wait to be seated! I feel like they really just go over the top with their design and decor of each location, it's really just the overall experience you get from them that makes them stand out, not just the good food!


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