Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday Edit #12

the lineup

It would be an exaggeration if I said this week went by fast; I asked Nathaniel what we did this week and he even commented that we did so much this week that it seems like such a long time when we were sitting down, me at my laptop and Nathaniel at his, and having the same conversation. I think this week was mostly taken up by school and work and it seems like every single day seems to last so long, which can definitely be a good and bad thing. It's nice to feel like you can get so much done in one day, there is still so much that we want to explore in our new city! Which speaking of, never fails to amaze me. This week we were talking about how we've pretty much taken to the idea that this is our HOME, we've lived here for a solid two and a half weeks already and it doesn't feel weird in the slightest bit to say anymore, we've quickly adapted to the sound and thought of it. Some things just feel as if they are meant to be, and San Diego, is definitely one of them.  

what I've been loving

You guys LOVED my DIY pink tassel earrings I featured here on my Instagram! Which by the way, actually gets me super excited, kind of because I love them just as much as you all, they're one of my favs, but I might be a little biased because I made them, but you know! I definitely will be making more in different colors, what do you guys think? Yellow and orange? Hues of blue? Vibrant pops of neon purple? I would love to hear your thoughts (because I may or may not be planning a giveaway with an upcoming post)! ;)

what's been on replay

Season 1 completed with Rick and Morty, we just jumped right into season 2 as we chowed down on some pizza the other night. I also started the end of Pretty Little Liars this week while Nathaniel had school in the mornings (oh yes, I know, I've fell soooo behind on that train, but I totally gotta see what happens). I ended right before the cut off of the mid season and just never had a chance to catch up, at the time I didn't have Netflix to keep up with the weekly episodes but better late then never, right? 

what's on the menu

I'm pretty sure I had the best burrito of my life last night at El Pescador. Nathaniel introduced me to this fish market in Dowtown La Jolla and I'm so glad we went; he's been waiting to go all week! Definitely cant wait to go back. The food is so fresh and Nathaniel seems to love the fresh tortillas! 

In all honestly, this week was pretty much filled with lots of bagels and cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With the beginning of school starting up and late nights at work, it's been hard to find a consistent schedule where we aren't slammed and exhausted from the day's events and ready to chef up something yummy for dinner. This week seems to be a little more lenient, so we will see how it all plays out. 


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