Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Edit #14

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Good Morning from our beautiful city of San Diego! Notice some changes? Welcome to my new and improved little corner of the internet! I am so, so excited to be blogging in a space that I can call my own thanks to the help of Templates by Kate over on Etsy! If you guys are looking to create a space that looks and feels crisp and clean, you NEED to check out her work, it's truly beautiful and she has been so helpful throughout the process of setting up my new blog! I'm excited to share with you the new A Girl Named Latisha website! 

the lineup

Today marks one month since we've ventured to SoCal and we moved into our new home on Bloch Street. It's crazy to believe that it's already been a month, but it's so awesome to look back at all the memories that we've made so far since moving here; we've done so much already but still there is so much that we have on our bucket list!

what I've been loving

I picked up this new cross body bag last week while in Heavenly Couture, it was pretty much love at first site. Nathaniel and I were walking around downtown La Jolla and I had been talking about how I just really needed a new bag to carry everything is, up until then I only had my black clutch since moving to SD I decided to get rid my small collection of bags, we walked past the window of Heavenly Couture and saw the tassel bag displayed on a manikin and I knew it was worth a check out. You guys, it was only $16.99. Uhm, hello? I'll take one in every color! So inexpensive and really nice quality, it's perfect and I'm so glad I don't have to pack around a clutch everywhere I go now. To be honest I was actually worried that I was going to lose it because it wasn't physically attached to me. Heavenly Couture, you are a lifesaver!

what's been on replay

I'm sharing some more music with you guys this week because a.) without music who even are we and b.) because this song is definitely worth mentioning and listing on repeat for the next 3 weeks. King and Cross by Asgeir. Stop what you're doing and click that link to listen now. Yeah, you'll thank me later, pure bliss.

what's on the menu

We're in for a treat this upcoming week! One of my favorite things about living in the city is getting to go to all markets that specially sell things like meat, cheese, and bread. It's so amazing to me. I grew up with big chain grocery stores, there weren't many options when it came to groceries and buying things like produce and meat. The other day we accidentally came across this market place in Point Loma, Liberty Public Market, that completely blew us away! It was in such a cute little (actually it was pretty massive) clay building (I don't know what it is about these SD buildings but they get me. every. time. they are stunning), there were lots of different vendors selling things like jewelry, clothing, a huge variety of things to eat, and the things that caught our eye, bread and pasta. Fun fact, this girl loves her carbs, bread is my jam and it would be a sad world without it. We grabbed a loaf of bread for the house and it would be safe to say that almost half of it was gone by the time we were home. We plan on going back to try out some of the homemade pasta because, well you know, carbs.
Speaking of which, we made some more pasta this week cooked up with some vodka sauce, thanks to Trader Jo's, spinach and chicken, bon appetit!


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