Friday, September 22, 2017

RIP Summer: Holding on to the Last Pieces

I'm not sure if I'm mentally prepared for Fall. 
Don't get me wrong, I really like the look of all of the colors, oranges, reds, golds, I mean, I LOVE a good autumnal color palette. I love the rich warm colors. I enjoy soft chunky knit sweaters like pretty much every other blogger out there. I love drinking my chai tea while cuddling up with my favorite blankets, and I NEVER pass up an opportunity to step (hop for a better adjective) on every crisp fall leaf that interrupts my route from the car to the grocery store doors. But I just don't know if I'm ready to commit to those brisk days. 

The first days of September, there was a very large number of people on my Facebook feed reminding me that fall was here and PSLs were making a comeback. The leaves were changing colors, the sweaters were being dusted off and being returned to their rightful home on the hanger in the closet and booties were hitting the streets again on a large 60% (okay maybe a little over exaggerated) of girls in my feed. I've got three words for you, no thank you! I made mention real quick that I was not about to partake in the action of packing up my beloved shorts and summer sandals that have been on repeat all season long. I told Nathaniel that I was not about to even consider trying out that new pumpkin spice cupcake that they had just released at Sprinkles Cupcakes a few weeks ago until the first OFFICIAL day of Fall. Well, as we were walking through Trader Joe's last night, Nathaniel reminded me that today was in fact, the first official day of Autumn and I could finally try out those pumpkin cupcakes and all the other goodies that this new season has to bring to us. 

You guys, to be honest, I'm not sure if I can bring myself to just accept that the season has finally changed and I better just bring out the booties and scarves and suck it up buttercup. 

I've never been a fan of the cold, I've always been a summer girl, and I swear that I have poor blood circulation because my hands and feet seem to lose all sense of heat once the weather turns. But who knows, now that I'm in a completely different climate this year, as opposed to living in Idaho and Montana, maybe I'll be able to tolerate the weather and things won't be so bad. I'll tell you one things for sure though, I'm definitely not ready for shorter days. 

Maybe I'm being a little over dramatic. Maybe I'm just amping it up way more than it actually is in my head. I'm not sure, but for now, you can find me outside, laying in the green grass, sipping on lemonade in the bright warm sunshine. On that note, let me just share with you a few images that have been inspiring me and my style lately these last few weeks of summer thanks to Pinterest

This skirt, it's everything!

Scarves, scarves, everywhere!

 I told you I was feeling inspired with my white on white post from last week ;) It's not going anywhere! 


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