Friday, September 15, 2017

White on White

 I wore black on black for a year straight while attending cosmetology school. I love an all black outfit, it's chic, timeless, and daring; it delivers the perfect amount of sass while making a bold statement. While I will never let down my black on black I've found  recent love that is just as stunning. 

I'm fairly new to the white pants trend. Believe it or not, I've never owned a pair of white jeans (at least since I was a little girl who honestly had no interest at all in the fashion world) until about a few months ago. To be quite honest, white denim has always been a bit intimidating. My mom can vouch for me that I haven't always the most cleanly and girly girl on the block, which goes to say that I never thought owning a pair of white denim would benefit me whatsoever. 

Boy, was I wrong. This pair of white denim is so comfortable and I picked it up at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago on super sale, under $40?! Uhm What? I'm so excited that I finally broke down and added this pant to my wardrobe, it's very versatile, there are so many options when it comes to wearing them! As of late, street style has caught my eye more and more. I love the versatility of it while not having to sacrifice comfort. It's simple details that add so much to your outfit, and I love going for the unexpected, pairing certain pieces in my closet with others that I wouldn't necessarily think of right away.

As far as monochromatic outfits go, I usually reach for my tried and true, black on black. It's an easy throw on and head out the door style that I can always count on, and let's be honest about 50% of my closet it black after going through cosmetology school. I live for a good pair of black jeans to wear daily! White one white seems like the unexpected for me, it's not something I would think of right away, and I totally almost forgot that I had these white pants until the other night, they got stuffed to the back of my closet after we moved! What reminded me that I had them was scrolling through Pinterest searching "street style" and seeing how other bloggers were wearing theirs at the current moment.

After living in Idaho for the last few years and working practically everyday during the summer with little time to soak up some sun rays, I wasn't exactly the most tan I've ever been. White helps with that, it enhances your skin tone, making it appear a little darker than normal and I'm not mad at it, bonus!

This all white monochrome is classic yet, kept sporty with the sneakers. It's fresh and a little bold, the perfect fashion move for being in San Diego. You'll definitely catch me trying this trend out again while tweaking a few things here and there. Who said you can't wear white after Labor Day? ;)

What's your next bold fashion move that you're making this season?


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