Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekends in Julian

Weekends were made for
                                   a d v e n t u r i n g. 

Nathaniel and I took a little drive to Julian, CA this last Saturday and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day. The weather was nothing shy of 70 degrees, the perfect weather to enjoy some sunshine and of course, Julian's famous Apple Pie! The atmosphere was complete bliss; lots of tourists visiting and enjoying the day as well!

The colors of fall in the small town were in full swing, lots of yellows, orange, and greens. It was amazing to think that the weather and environment was so different than what we've been used to the past few months and it's only about an hour away from where we live; it was nice to experience a little bit of that fall feel. We made it a point to overlook the hills and little pond that was just below the town; it was beautiful with the afternoon setting sun sparkling on all the trees and water.

The town itself was only a few blocks long, nothing fancy, but that's what makes these trips interesting, there's so much to appreciate and take in the surrounding nature! The old wooden buildings were filled with souvenirs, little burger restaurants, handmade goods, and people alike, in search for the best pie around. We picked up a whole pie to take home from Apple Alley Bakery, one of the top three voted best in the town. It felt like every other building on the street was selling pie but you could tell which ones were well loved, there were lines running out the doors and onto the streets to taste the bestselling!

We definitely can't wait to head back again around the holidays see the little town all lit up with holiday decor and lights. We can't forget about grabbing another slice of that apple pie! ;)


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  1. lovely photos. Sounds like a great time.

    Kara Aragon