Friday, October 6, 2017

Fashion Crushes + My Unrealistic Thoughts on Fall

 Last we spoke on the topic of Fall, I was pretty convinced that I wasn't ready. Let me back that statement up by saying please don't go warm{er} weather. 

I keep scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing all my family and friend's pictures and posts about how bad my home state, Montana, is already getting dumped on with snow (with some places already with 14+ inches of snow; shout out to my brother going to college where that storm is happening, they lost power and have been out for a few days now). I think when I said I wasn't ready for fall, what I really meant was I wasn't ready for temperatures under 60. I really can't even wrap my head around the fact that I live in San Diego now and lucky for me (and very thankful), I don't have to brace myself for snow blizzards and the extremes that I grew up with in MT. We always seemed to have skipped the season between summer (or construction season, as we always have said) and winter; and this year, it seems to be no different. I don't think I'll understand that temperatures won't get t h a t crazy around here and I don't have to prepare myself for extreme weather conditions until after the season is over and we're still living in the city of sunshine. 

With that being said, I'm secretly crushing on these new fall trends I see popping up on my social media and in stores. Let's be honest, while I said I wasn't ready for fall, I can be held guilty for running around in my new sweater from Zara that I seem to be wearing every other day- but actually it’s that good! 

White boots have definitely been one of my favorite trends I’ve been seeing as of late, or maybe it’s just my obsession with white recently. There’s something about the crisp and bright color that I can’t get enough of. I’ve also been seeing a lot of affordable options shared by some of my fav. bloggers on Instagram, which is always a bonus! 

Blazers are definitely the next trend that are high on my coveting list this season. This piece in particular has come such a long way over the years in fashion. What was once a piece to keep dressy at events are now used for so many different purposes. I’ve seen it paired more casually with jeans & some sneakers, kept a little more feminine with a button down skirt, & I was actually reading the other day of someone wearing hers as a dress with over the knee boots! Yes please to versatile pieces that you can wear over & over again with endless styling options! 

The official color of the season, r e d. If you follow me on Instagram  you’ve probably seen my love for red. I have a pair of red sneakers that I wear daily (which are starting to fall apart).  There’s just something about this color that gets my heart going! I’m officially on the hunt for some red kitten heels, send your girl some suggestions because I seriously can’t get enough! 

Classic & timeless silhouettes are definitely making their way back around. I’m definitely a T-shirt and jean type of girl & lately I’ve been seeing so outfits based around these basic pieces. Easy add ons help complete the look: scarves, hats, crossbody bags, sweaters, those blazers we were referring to earlier! 


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