Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Edit #17 + a Few Changes

October 2nd, a friend's birthday (shouting out BIG birthday wishes to you, Mirranda), a sunny day with a chance of fluffy clouds and a high of 72 degrees, a closing shift at work later this evening, and of course, consignment day, the first Monday in October. 

Lately, in all honesty, I've been getting a little bored with my Monday Edits, they're just a little too, predictable? Yes, they're a good way to share bits of my life with you, but as I was reading through one of my favorite blogs A Balancing Peach by the gorgeous Kelsey T. (who just recently moved out to my home state, MT), I ran across her monthly version of the "Monday Edit", Peach Parities. Now, I've been following along with Kelsey and her blog and Instagram for a few months now, I really look up to her, her writing is inspirational and fun, upbeat! Earlier this week when she shared her September Peach Parities, I knew I wanted to use her template for this week's Monday Edit; think of it as passing it on from one blogger to another, sharing the love. So today, I'm trying something new here at A Girl Named Latisha & instead of sharing my Monday edits weekly, I’ve decided to share them monthly, you know, to fit in more good stuff! ;)

For those of you wanting to share your own version of the 'Parities', I've left the blank template down below for you to try it out and share too! 

Wanting: to spend the whole day painting on the beach.

Reading: my subscribed blogs on Bloglovin', I'm totally addicted, you can find me here!
Watching: The Good Place on Netflix; we just finished season 1 last night! 
Listening: currently to Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols.
Hoping: to get a video up on my YouTube channel  within the next few weeks or so, it’s been wayyyy too long! Any suggestions? 
Waiting: for the new season of Riverdale to premier!!
Getting: some Inspo for Halloween makeup tutorials!
Wishing: I had my sewing machine in SD with me, I’ve been feeling inspired lately!
Working: a lot this week. 
Dreaming: of bike rides on the boardwalk.
Munching: Sprinkle Cupcakes sundaes, yay for perks! 
Sipping: water, water, water! I’ve definitely been slacking in the hydration department.
Finishing: up a watercolor painting that I started this week.
Planning: trips to Los Angeles in the near future? Spoiler alert- I’ve never been! 
Saving: time for more art in my life! 
Looking: for a place to go apple picking in the SD area. 
Wearing: my floral Zara silk scarf that I picked up a few weeks ago, I've literally worn it three days in a row if that gives you a pretty good idea on how good it is!
Buying: a stock pile of my sweet potatoes, because let’s face it, my addiction hasn’t slowed down since last week! 
Refusing: to accept the fact that retail is already shoving Christmas decor in our faces.
Organizing: my cute little Polaroid pictures, so sweet and love looking through them!
Loving: spending the day at the corn maze & pumpkin patch in Carlsbad yesterday! What a way to kick off the first day of October!
Bookmarking: Chloe Plumstead’s blog, always a good read on The Little Plum



What has you feeling inspired lately? 


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